SMSDL 2020 Annual Meeting

Due to the COVID19 pandemic, we are sorry to cancel the traditional annual meeting that was scheduled for Sat. 12/5 at Salmon Ranch. However, we will have a conference call at noon to discuss old or new business, receive reports, and elect officers. All members are welcome to participate in the conference call, but all officers are encouraged to participate. To participate in the conference call, contact Mark Goucher, Sec./Tres. at 816-390-4207 in advance to get the phone number and access code. Thank you to Bob and Susan for offering to host again. We look forward to a more active year in 2021. Blessed Christmas to all.

Jack Knox: Learning Life’s Lessons with Stock Dogs


New book by legend Jack Knox! 

In Jack Knox: Learning Life’s Lessons with Stock Dogs famed herding dog trainer Jack Knox retraces his steps from learning to use Border Collies to tend sheep as a lad in the border region of Scotland to becoming one of the foremost characters in the stock dog world in America today.  

Jack’s many notable accomplishments, like being inducted into the American Border Collie Association Hall of Fame, are overshadowed in this memoir…rather, it is his love for the dogs he has known and a genuine appreciation for what they have taught him in life that Jack humbly shares.  Above all, Jack’s unique approach to training herding dogs is revealed in this book—a special way with dogs seldom seen in practice that stresses freedom for a dog over the tight control tactics so frequently practiced with herding dogs today, especially the freedom for a dog to make mistakes and thereby learn to become a willing partner with a person when working stock.  

Join Jack as he journeys through a life with dogs that has brought him profound insights, great joy, and a distinctive approach to training that allows herding dogs to bloom to their best abilities.

Order the book at Homestead Press at the following link.